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CASD-NMR data sets

This page provides access to the data sets and corresponding validation results for CASD-NMR. Disclosed data sets are flagged.


Target (download) Oligomeric state Date of release (unrefined lists) Date of release (refined lists) PDB ID PDB release date Blind (Y/N) LACS CA/CB Offset
HR2876C Monomer 13/03/2013 11/04/2013 2M5O 26/04/2013 N 0.08
HR8254A Monomer 17/01/2013 29/01/2013 2M2E 12/02/2013 N 0.02
YR313A Monomer 26/06/2012 10/07/2012 2LTL 24/07/2012 N -0.02
HR2876B Monomer 26/06/2012 10/07/2012 2LTM 24/07/2012 N 0.06
StT322 Monomer 02/02/2012 05/03/2012 2LOJ 20/03/2012 N -0.06
OR135 Monomer 15/12/2011 27/01/2012 2LN3 09/02/2012 N 0.07
OR36 Monomer 03/05/2011 10/06/2011 2LCI 24/06/2011 N 0.15
HR5460A   Monomer 17/03/2011 27/04/2011 2LAH 09/05/2011 N 0.36
HR6430A Monomer 08/03/2011 14/04/2011 2LA6 29/04/2011 N 0.02
HR6470A Monomer 07/03/2011 07/04/2011 2L9R 19/04/2011 N -0.08
CtR69A Monomer 28/12/2009   2KRU 16/02/2010 N na
CGR26A Monomer 22/10/2009   2KPT 14/12/2009 N


NeR103A Monomer 22/10/2009   2KPM 11/12/2009 N -0.19
PGR122A Monomer 17/09/2009   2KMM
N na
AtT13 Monomer 14/09/2009   2KNR 28/10/2009 N na
ET109A Monomer 30/06/2009  



24/08/2009 N -0.25/
HR5537A Monomer 30/06/2009   2KK1 09/08/2009 N 0.03
AR3436A Monomer 16/04/2009   2KJ6 17/07/2009 N -0.19
VpR247 Monomer 16/04/2009   2KIF 30/06/2009 N -0.11



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