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Counting the WeNMR members per country.

What is the repartition of the WeNMR user in the world over time?

There are a few scripts required in order to answer this question.

1. First, you need to get the list of users, regularly

This can be done by the main of a cron job that run an a linux with a robot certificate. The cron entry looks like:

0 0 * * 0 cd /home/gromacs/voms.admin; ./enmr.eu.users.sh >> ./enmr.eu.users.log 2>&1

The enmr.eu.users.sh script is attached in an archive. It has been written by nuno Ferreira

2. Transform the list of users into a number of user per country

This can be done with the script user_list-2-country_file.sh

basically, it looks at the list of users for the filed /C=XY with XY the 2 letter coutnry code, and traslate that into a real country name. When the user doesn't have a /C field, it try to guess with some rules defined in the .sh script. Obviously, those rules need to be updated from time to time when a user can't be classified with the current rules.

3. Get a interactive map over time

We used the free tool ammap given at www.ammap.com/

It is possible to generate an xml file required by ammap with the serie of scripts 1.retreive_data_from_haddock.sh 2.generate_country_files.sh 3.generate_data_timeline.sh

The first one get the data file from our server where the enmr.eu.users.sh script runs via a cronjob.

The second one automatically generate the list of users per country for all the data file

The last one generate the xml file.

The resulting map can be found here:


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