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Login for UNIO and Python error


My subscription for UNIO has been activated, but when I go to the job submission page, at the bottom it asks me to login.  I am logged into the WeNMR system - what login is UNIO asking for here?

If I try to submit my job without logging in, I get a "<type 'exceptions.IOError'>" Python script error page (see attached).  I don't know if the login and error message are connected, but it is a problem, regardless!

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Analysis of the UNIO results


       I have submitted a job for automated backbone assignment by UNIO. I got the results but I do not know how to analyse the results. Please suggest me....





Ashish Kabra

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Expired licence on WeNMR


when I posted a job to the UNIO website, it returns only info that the licence for UNIO has expired.


Tomas Kroupa

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UNIO portal now available


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