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JobControl - utility to manage multi jobs submission (for site admin)

JobControl is a python utility that manage the submission and retrieval of  thousand of jobs; it can also manage the SE copy and replica.

 This utilitiy uses a sqlite DB to store the jobs status information.

example of xml input for maxocc calculation:

  <Certificate file="/home/webtest/WebENMR/data/.cert/x509up_u1"/>
  <Project name="provasaxs">
    <CERequired>as-ce01.euasiagrid.org deimos.htc.biggrid.nl ce-enmr.chemie.uni-frankfurt.de phoebe.htc.biggrid.nl</CERequired>
      <LifeTime time="90"/>
        <Destination name="se-enmr.cerm.unifi.it"/>
        <Names remote="314125230_cu_in.tgz" local="/home/webenmr/WebENMR/data/maxocc_data/741048831/provasaxs/curve_input.tgz"/>
    <Job jdl="/mnt/maxocc/data/webenmr_maxocc_data/741048831/provasaxs/sub_usecase/input_w0.0001_1/run_a-map_mu.jdl"/>
    <Job jdl="/mnt/maxocc/data/webenmr_maxocc_data/741048831/provasaxs/sub_usecase/input_w0.0001_2/run_a-map_mu.jdl"/>
    <Job jdl="/mnt/maxocc/data/webenmr_maxocc_data/741048831/provasaxs/sub_usecase/input_w0.0001_3/run_a-map_mu.jdl"/>
    <Job jdl="/mnt/maxocc/data/webenmr_maxocc_data/741048831/provasaxs/sub_usecase/input_w0.0001_4/run_a-map_mu.jdl"/>
    <Job jdl="/mnt/maxocc/data/webenmr_maxocc_data/741048831/provasaxs/sub_usecase/input_w0.0001_5/run_a-map_mu.jdl"/>
    <Job jdl="/mnt/maxocc/data/webenmr_maxocc_data/741048831/provasaxs/sub_usecase/input_w0.0001_6/run_a-map_mu.jdl"/>
    <Job jdl="/mnt/maxocc/data/webenmr_maxocc_data/741048831/provasaxs/sub_usecase/input_w0.0001_7/run_a-map_mu.jdl"/>
    <Job jdl="/mnt/maxocc/data/webenmr_maxocc_data/741048831/provasaxs/sub_usecase/input_w0.0001_8/run_a-map_mu.jdl"/>


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Wassenaar et al. (2012). WeNMR: Structural Biology on the Grid.J. Grid. Comp., 10:743-767.


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