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Homology Modeling and Structural Analysis of NHX Antiporter of Leptochloa fusca (L.)

AuthorsBahman Panahi1*, Nasrin Moshtaghi1, Ibrahim Torktaz2, Askar panahi3 and Sudeep Roy4

Eukaryotic NHX transporters are trans-membrane proteins which are vital for cellular homeostasis. Plants
vacuolar NHX antiporters have been suggested to be involved in sequestering Na+ into vacuoles, thus preventing
toxic effects of Na+ in the cytoplasm. Primary and secondary structure analysis of NHX antiporter of Leptochloa
fusca suggested that this antiporter is a hydrophobic protein containing a significant proportion of alpha helixes. In
this study, a three-dimensional structures of NHX antiporter predicted by in silico 3D homology modeling studies.
The resulting model was refined by energy minimization, subjected to the quality assessment from both geometric
and energetic aspects and was found to be of reasonable quality. Validation of 3D structure was done by plotting
Ramachandran plot and calculation of QMEAN score. This predicted information will help in better understanding
of mechanisms underlying to salt tolerance in monocot plants and use of this information in protein engineering to
improve plants to high salinity conditions.



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