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Nano-metrology and pore-size measurements using NMR Cryoporometry.

Lab-Tools Ltd. is a micro/SME spin-off company specialising in nano-science, nano-metrology and instrumentation design.

Nano-science : Nano-scale properties of liquids in pores and at interfaces; Application of the Gibbs equations to the nano-scale dynamics of liquids.

Nano-metrology : Bulk nano-scale to micro-scale structural characterisation; NMR Cryoporometry measurements of pore size distributions and pore volume; NMR Cryoporometry and neutron scattering techniques to measure pore dimensions.

Instrumentation : USB interfaced instruments based on VLSI, FPGAs and array-processing software.

Lab-Tools develop and operate NMR Cryoporometry apparatus that is optimised to measure pore sizes, pore size distributions and pore volumes and to study materials that are structured on a sub 2nm to over 2µm length scale. Most finely porous materials are suitable for such studies, provided that a liquid can be added or is already present.

This apparatus is based on wide-temperature range low-field NMR relaxation spectrometers with ultra-precise temperature control.

Background information on the Cryoporometric technique is available at

 www.cryoporometry.com/   and  en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Themoporometry_and_Cryoporometry .


Beau Webber
07544 915 464

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