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HADDOCK SBGrid Webinar about server vs local install

Dr. Bonvin gave on September 8th a lunch webinar for the SBGrid consortium, explaining the use of HADDOCK and highlighting the differences between using the webserver version of HADDOCK or a local installation.

See: https://www.youtube.com/embed/vF4VZjzVUKk


HADDOCK goes crowd computing

The WeNMR HADDOCK portal is now sending a fraction of its jobs to the Internatial Desktop Grid Federationg (IDGF) resources.

See the presentation given on this at the IDGF workshop at the EGI Community Forum in Helsinki (May 19th, 2014)



WeNMR workshop@ISMAR2013 Rio de Janeiro

18th ISMAR Meeting 2013

WeNMR Workshop @ ISMAR2013 (see also http://www.ismar2013.net)

Three-days HADDOCK workshop in Istanbul


Three-days workshop on HADDOCK

Istanbul, Boğaziçi University, 20-22 June 2011


You are invited to a three-days HADDOCK workshop, to be held on 20-22 June 2011.

HADDOCK is an information-driven docking program developed at Utrecht University, which is widely used in the structural biology community and has demonstrated a strong performance in the blind docking competition CAPRI.

For more information visit:

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Usage of the WeNMR/WestLife portals should be acknowledged in any publication:
"The FP7 WeNMR (project# 261572), H2020 West-Life (project# 675858) and the EOSC-hub (project# 777536) European e-Infrastructure projects are acknowledged for the use of their web portals, which make use of the EGI infrastructure with the dedicated support of CESNET-MetaCloud, INFN-PADOVA, NCG-INGRID-PT, TW-NCHC, SURFsara and NIKHEF, and the additional support of the national GRID Initiatives of Belgium, France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, UK, Taiwan and the US Open Science Grid."
And the following article describing the WeNMR portals should be cited:
Wassenaar et al. (2012). WeNMR: Structural Biology on the Grid.J. Grid. Comp., 10:743-767.


The WeNMR Virtual Research Community has been the first to be officially recognized by the EGI.

European Union

WeNMR is an e-Infrastructure project funded under the 7th framework of the EU. Contract no. 261572

WestLife, the follow up project of WeNMR is a Virtual Research Environment e-Infrastructure project funded under Horizon 2020. Contract no. 675858