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WeNMR Workshop - NMR applications on the Grid


The workshop „NMR applications on the Grid“ is a 2-days workshop connected to the EUROMAR conference in Frankfurt and is organised by the WeNMR consortium. The workshop gives an introduction, overview and practical training on how to use some of the widely used and state of the art biomolecular NMR applications (ranging from data processing and analysis to structure determination) that are available on the Grid. The covered software packages are integrated in WeNMR webportals. The program covers:

  • Introduction to the Grid
  • Introduction to NMR structure determination
  • Hyper dimensional processing: MDD-NMR
  • Protein backbone resonance assignment: MARS
  • NMR structure calculation: CYANA, TALOS+
  • Macromolecular docking: HADDOCK
  • Structure modelling of DNA: 3D-DART

The workshop will have a practical and comprehensive hands-on approach to introduce and train the participants in the various topics. Each of the topics is presented by lecturers and tutors that are either authors of the softwares, highly skilled experienced users and/or directly connected to the development or porting of the software on the Grid.


Trainers and lecturers:

  • Chris Spronk
  • Henry Jonker
  • Marc van Dijk
  • Anurag Bagaria
  • Victor Zharavin
  • Suhas Tikole



  • Registration is not possible anymore since the workshop has past...
  • Maximum number of participants: 20 (selection on first come, first served basis)
  • Registration deadline: August 1, 2011
  • Registration fees €100 academic (non profit), €300 industry (profit)
  • Payment details (bank transfer) will be provided after successful sign-up.



  • For any questions and enquiries, please contact Henry Jonker.



Goethe-University Frankfurt, Natural Science Campus Riedberg: Beilstein Computer Center
Max von Laue Straße 9 (N100/0.12), 60438 Frankfurt am Main



Rooms have been reserved in the Relexa Hotel Frankfurt/Main
Lurgiallee 2, 60439 Frankfurt am Main

The rooms are pre-reserved for the workshop time period covering 3 nights (August 18-21). Please inform us before August if you like to stay longer or shorter than this time period. Cost ~ € 250 (for 3 nights, incl. breakfast). The participants pay the Hotel on location themselves.



After the workshop, the participants from academic non-profit organizations can apply for a maximum reimbursement of €250 for the registration fee and hotel costs. 

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